The Dirty Turkey Hunt!!



AngelRED Couture’s Dirty Turkey Hunt Item

Partial Mesh KFC Thanksgiving Chicken Outfit


The Dirty Turkey Hunt
A Depraved Nation 
November 1 – 30
Depraved nation !! That’s all i gotta say for you to know that awesome styles is coming your way!
The Dirty Turkey Hunt is a Depraved Nation GRID WIDE Hunt that starts at Razorblade Jacket Mainstore and will take hunters on a path of amazing designers across the grid offering a wide variety of gifts for 0L$ I will be havin some sweet blogs coming your way to show you some of the great quality items you can find! Jus click on the name and get ur map to tp..its that simple..have a blast!
Info Brought to you by Rock Candy! 
#01 Razorblade Jacket 
Hint: I am getting so sleepy
#02 Epic 
Hint: If it’s new, then it’s for you!
#03 Sassy! 
Hint: Go on – take a dip.
#04 AlterEgo 
Hint: Welcome to the land of Dirty. 
#05 Intrepid 
Hint: All the windows of my heart I open to the day.
Hint: Are you in Bitching mood ?
#07 1 Hundred  
Hint: Call A Friend To Come Hunt With You! 
#08 Holli Pocket 
Hint: This heat makes the turkey rise-up up
#09 Hysteria 
Hint: Lights went off. I feel so *alone in the dark*.
#10 Blow-Up 
Hint: Look in my eyes
#11 MiWardrobe 
Hint: Find the Skull!!
#12 Endless Pain Tattoos 
Hint: Take a Seat
#13 Leri Miles Designs 
Hint: If you were hunting Africa’s BIG 5 you might stumble across a Turkey too!
#14 Kennedy’s 
Hint: Men…subscribe to me!
#15 Sweet Intoxication 
Hint: Search high search low and everywhere in between
Hint: The turkey is waiting to be cooked next to the oven.
#17 Scrub 
Hint: asshole or manhole?
#18 SUGAR 
Hint: AH! Never touch a man’s mustache! 
#19 Ducknipple 
Hint: Please take off your footwear before entering the shop
#20 SuPerBia 
Hint: Sometimes search in the trash can give a reward
Hint: Phantom
#22 Insanya 
Hint: “visit my blog”
#23 AsYLUM 
Hint: What you get for someone who has it all.
#24 Just You Jewels 
Hint: Don’t play with fire please !! 
#25 Plastik 
Hint: Caged, Above your head, flying only in my dreams.
#26 trs 
Hint: Does my butt look big in this skirt?
#27 Duh! 
Hint: Dirty Turkeys get lucky more often!
#28 Essencial 
Hint: Look for the pink flower
#29 Milk 
Hint: go stand in the corner!
Hint: In the cabinet
#31 ThirteenTH 
Hint: I Suggest you don’t look too hard.
#32 AdelleArts 
Hint: Turkey strut to the ADULT section and look for a rotation
#33 Fe Style 
Hint: look the spotlight
#34 Juxtapose 
Hint: Somewhere you hide from monsters..might be a little dusty!
#35 Styled by Panda 
Hint: Now THAT is one good lookin’ Outlaw!
#36 Rispetto Designs
Hint: “At least I have a view”
#37 HollyWeird 
Hint: “The Future is Bright.. Better Grab Some Shades”
#38 Wild Serenity 
Hint: I always seem to end up in the corner when I drink to much of the hard cider. 
#39 Incendia Outdoors 
Hint: Hint giver on Hunt Board at Landing
#41 Infiniti 
Hint: Free falling might help you find this gift.
#42 CHoOoZ 
Hint: “That is one BIG Chooo…”
#43 Hogs and Cart Wheels 
Hint: Those are some big mean tyres
#44 Phoebe’s 
Hint: See hint giver (mainstore entrance)
#45 RnB Furniture 
Hint: See hint giver
#46 Luckie 
Hint: I’m made of steel and clothes hang on me :) 
#47 Southpaw 
Hint: A pinch of this, a dash of that and this cocktail favored by Socrates will have you laid up for an eternity.
#48 MV 
Hint: Hint Giver available in Lobby on Hunt Wall Signs.
#49 Rivendell 
Hint: “You will need something to cover if it rains”
#50 Shiva 
Hint: I’m close to the girl
#51 Palais 
Hint: Come one Come All This Sofa is big enough for ALL
#52 Sparrowtree Studios Poses 
Hint: I hope I don’t fall off the end of the runway doing my single lady strut.
#53 The Strawberry Box 
Hint: Use instore hint giver, object will move
#54 Adoness 
Hint: Where Blooming Prince meets Princess Mia.
Hint: Fall down like autumn leaves. 
#56 Kabuki Creations 
Hint: Mhhh where do i wash myself ??? (Upper Floor only)
#57 Kre-ations 
Hint: ” Checkmate! “
#58 Co*Motion 
Hint: “You got a massive attitude, don’t ya, ya lil chicken??”
Hint: I was feeling so dirty, I decided to take a bath.
#59 Sugar & Cyanide 
Hint: this isn’t a park…
#60 Rotten Apple 
Hint: Ive been know to have a green thumb.
#61 Badazz Inc 
Hint: Girls love to catch turkeys
#62 Egoxentrikax 
Hint: I love the lipstick
#63 KyS ThiS 
Hint: Watch out for cow pies!
#64 Delightful Depictions 
Hint: I Grow with a Smile!
#65 RAWR! 
Hint: Look around if you want to get lucky.
#66 Xclusives Animations 
Hint: That dirty turkey likes to cause a lot of trouble.
Head on over to BEDROOMS on the double.
That’s him, over there,
Hiding behind the TANTRA CHAIR.
#67 Dani’s 
Hint: I will be in the trenches, looking for my purple coat.
#68 The Crossing 
Hint: near something you would need after a shower
#69 pqd 
#70 Gunshin 
Hint: Get your butt on gear and gear up! 
#71 Suki’s Silken Fashions 
Hint: Let’s have a beer with the famous Lady Cavalier.
#72 Destiny’s Designs 
Hint: The Stardust Duster will surely sweep you off your feet!
#73 Ziva’s Footware 
Hint: Get down and dirty with a pair of these Dutch grapevine clogs.
#74 GFD 
Hint: He loves me..or doesn’t love me!?
#75 Anymore 
Hint: Glance up
#76 before sleep 
Hint: Find the potted plant and find me. 
#77 K2K Headquarter 
Hint: Watch the barmaid inside
#78 DemotiK 
Hint: A gal has to have her vices! 
#79 Atooly 
Hint: You would be surprised what all you can see from upstairs.
#80 Grumble 
Hint: When life gives you lemons…
#81 Les Sucreries de Fairy 
Hint: I’m in Special occasions cavern :p (Near the kids one)
#82 xKorruptedx 
Hint: I need to get me some skin, I’m nothing but bones! 
#83 L’aize Dayz 
Hint: Toasty warm by the fire
#84 Lustre Designs 
#85 ToXiC HiGh 
Hint: I’m not small I’m not big, but I’m easy to find. We wear them all year long, but mostly to keep our legs warm in the winter time.
#86 Vero Modero 
Hint: oh yes i can be a home pet but u cant ever tame me 
#87 CatniP 
Hint: My blow up doll has been stuffed more than a Thanksgiving turkey
#88 SLACY’S 
Hint: Great Things are atop BIG BLACK BOXES
#89 BlackRose 
Hint: Love to lye on wooden floors , wearing my favourites colors
#90 ::B::U::B:: 
Hint: in the hall, not far from the tables
#91 Goth1c0 
Hint:  ”This shoes are made for walking”
#92 PiCHi 
Hint: i have much colors at my hair ???
#93 Ci Co 
Hint: Everyone likes a little spice!
#94 ArisAris 
Hint: near the glasses
#95 Swine & Roses 
Hint: Enter stage Left ! 
#96 FIEND 
Hint: Try your luck & shop on us!
#97 MID Maribol Inshan Designs 
Hint: Take the steps. 
#98 FuchOn 
Hint: Take a look upstairs
#99 Dragonsworn 
Hint: Well, maybe a just a small drink before the next stop…
#100 FATAL 
Hint: Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere. But which one holds me?
#101 Katitudes & Boneisms 
Hint: Tic Toc, Tic Toc, this Turkey is looking for a C-C-C…..lock. 
#102 CUDA 
Hint: Revenge is a Warriors Sliver Flame!
#103 Piddler’s Perch 
Hint: Don’t put your hand to close you might get burned
#104 Flaunt 
Hint: Watch your steps!
#105 AIDORU 
Hint: i’m so lucky i gotcha
#106 Eye Candi 
Hint: Girls, Girls, Girls!
#107 AngelRED Couture 
Hint: Men like clothing too……
#108 SOUL. 
Hint: It’s Pay time 
#109 .Cutz. 
Hint: Martian thoughts
#110 Le Primitif 
Hint: we’re watching you..
#111 Mystic Canvass Skins 
Hint: The People Under The Stairs
#112 H.E.D. 
Hint: Miley has something in her pocket…better frisk her!
#113 Nani Poses 
Hint: When the weather has a chill, all you want is to be cozy.
#114 EVOLVE 
Hint: Tolerance is the only way
#115 Devilish Designs 
Hint: Think Summer in Hawaii… with these types of trees in planters 
#116 Jamman Jewels 
Hint: Follow the White Rabbit
#117 Reliquia 
Hint: “Is that music I hear?”
#118 G-series 
Hint: Don’t let the spiral hypnotize you.
#119 KEKA Virtual Make Up 
#120 Wunderland 
Hint: it’s in a corner
#121 Spirit Store 
Hint: Light is everything
#122 CoLLisions 
Hint: This Turkey got a bit of surprise when he tried to mate with some cranes.
#123 Splash Store 
Hint: look like a rat
#124 Ruxy Design 
Hint: a turkey can’t fly, and neither can I
#125 KIWI 
Hint: only witches not stored back of the pumkins
#126 VIRUS 
Hint: Eye that stares
#127 Bubblefish 
Hint: Turkeys & Poodles.
#128 Latreia FootFashions 
Hint: Ashton Kutcher…. what was his celebrity prank show called? If you remember the name u will find the gifty…
#129 Zombie Suicide 
Hint: Careful of the tenticles they can pull you under!!!
#130 SHIKI 
Hint: VIPs have all the fun!
#131 BTS Designs 
Hint: If you’re trying to find me, I’m hard to find you see, but if you’re feeling ‘lucky’, just look above for me.
#132 Home by JLZ 
Hint: Check out the ocean view
#134 LoveCats 
Hint: gobble gobble gobble?.. this birdy says chirp chirp chirp
#135 SWAK Designs 
Hint: I didn’t know SWAK sold gestures!
#136 SX Shape Shoppe 
Hint: No matter the shape or size that DT can never get a leg up!!
#137 Julia Collections 
Hint: Row, row, row your damn boat.
#138 blah.BLAh.blah 
Hint: I will run adn run and You cant catch me!
#139 BuFu 
Hint: beings observer during the search! 
#140 Medley 
Hint: “Oh these sweaters are so cute, let me go try them on”
#141 Cute Poison 
Hint: I’m quite partial to heads.
#142 Duality 
Hint: Key to my heart
#143 Hot Stuff 
Hint: Valentina!!!
#144 VPInc. Designz 
Hint: Without taking the first step- our journey can not begin.
#145 ellemeno 
Hint: if the sky is the limit, what happens when there is are rafters in the way?
#146 Spearsong Clothing & Tattoos 
Hint: Black and Yellow Kill a Fellow, Black and Grey is Where I Stay!!!
#147 Indigo Eclectic 
Hint: I’m not going to jump, I just like living on the edge. 
#148 Orsini 
Hint: Cinderella’s got the blues
#149 S H O C K 
Hint: “The shadow is better than the burning sun…” 
#150 MANGO 
Hint: Dirty turkeys get clean when held out in the rain.
#151 Ol’ Dirty Bastards 
Hint: Frankenstorm
If you can not find a hunt item please do NOT contact the designers, there is a group you can join for assistance! Have Fun Turkey Hunters!! 

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