AngelRED Couture Presents: FLEXI Mesh™

Flexi Mesh Logo 11

Many people refuse to wear mesh because the standard sizing just does not fit well with their shape. Because we all like to be original and don’t want to change our shape to look like everyone else, we will be supplying SL creators with our new FLEXI Mesh™ ! From here on out, our full permission mesh kits will include the normal sizing plus a FLEXI Mesh™ which creators can begin to learn more about deformer mesh and release their very own! The mesh deformer will allow the mesh clothing to move WITH your shape. Have giant boobs? This WILL FIT! We are excited to bring creators FLEXI Mesh™ and hope that this will help more creators start releasing the deformer meshes for you ALL!

I will announce more about deformer mesh and our AngelRED Couture FLEXI Mesh™ brand along with our next mesh release!

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