AngelRED Couture @ FROST

Frost is a huge event that is going to be hosted by, Depraved Nation and if you are a stranger to any events by these awesome people then this is the event to attend!

Frost will begin on December 12th, 2012 and last until January 2nd, 2012!
It will be showcasing over, 100 top brands from across the grid with, many many valuable offers!
Discounts and great deals? Sounds like MY type of party! haha.

All the events that I have personally been involved in with, Depraved Nation have always been great, and I am sure this one will be too.

You figure with all the new advancements in Second Life fashion…
This event will surely top any of the other events this year!

Stay tuned to the, Depraved Nation Blog for updates, and make sure to join the INWORLD vip group!



AngelRED - FROST Mesh Boots


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