AngelRED Couture Presents: Big Shopper Weekend Special


AngelRED Couture Big Shopper Weekend Special
12/29/2012 @4PMSLT – 1/1/2013 @4PMSLT

This Weekend ONLY!
Shop @ AngelRED Couture Main Store and spend 500L or more to be
entered into the Big Shopper Weekend Drawing Contest!!

January 2nd, 2013 we will be drawing 3 names from our Big
Shoppers of the weekend!! These 3 people will receive a 5000L
store credit! The store credit can be used on any AngelRED
Couture full perm clothing templates or full perm mesh items
found @ our main store.

You may also shop at our 50% OFF Sale this weekend!
50% OFF Sale shoppers WILL also be entered into the drawing if
500L or more is spent.

ALL AngelRED Couture items are eligible during this special!
This includes: Full perm clothing templates & full perm mesh,
non full perm items AND any items from the SimpleCandy store!

So, stop by AngelRED Couture this weekend and get your BIG 

SHOPPER ON For a chance to win BIG!!


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