Blueberry’s Official Statement on the Meli Imako Terms of Service Issue

Hi everyone!

My name is Blueberry and I am the official leader of the Blueberry Team and recently what has been going on in the merchant resources business is really upsetting me.
First of all, no matter if you are making your own textures, own mesh or not YOU are helping contributing the market to grow, you are helping SL advertisement. And we in team Blueberry and AngelRed Couture, respect that.
Reselling has been a type of business since ages and when someone opens a store you will never see whole sellers give away blank t-shirts and tell you to paint them yourself! So just because you don’t paint your own textures does not mean you can not have a business in Second Life. Marketing skills is still a very important set of skills! And YOU are the reason why me and Lexi are able to make a living off of this game! So please, do not let anyone tell you, you do not deserve to have a business in Second Life just because you are not making your own textures or mesh.

I am stepping into this today, because I can not stand seeing Lexi Zelin getting attacked when she deserves to be thanked instead. She is protecting YOUR RIGHTS when she stands up to something unfair.
Also, Lexi Zelin has no personal vendetta against Meli Imako. But just like me, she believes that the dramatic TOS change has been extremely unfair and has affected our friends.

Meli Imako,
When mesh first came out, you brought a bunch of models into world allowing a lot of new businesses to be born and we respect that. However right now you are asking everyone, who IN THE PAST used your textures to take the products off of their store and re-texture them. This is so very unfair.
So please, you are a respected creator in our community, we are asking you to come up with a TOS that protects the customer rights as much as they protect YOURS. If anything, as full perm content creators and store owners we should all help each other out and be a close knit family. We need to co-exist and respect each other to bring SL economy higher and higher together.

I realize and respect the fact that, the products belong to you and you have the right to change your TOS. But that doesn’t mean you have to play God. If you do not want your textures to be used please do not include them in your packs and do not create confusion.

Thank you very much for reading and your consideration..

Special side note:
I have read some comments about Lexi creating drama on purpose. Drama has NEVER helped a store in the past. She very well knew that when she decided to stand up for her customers and her friends who have felt wronged. So please, when you decide to talk about someone in such a harsh way, get your facts together.

Also, I apologize if my broken English offended anybody, it’s not my native language. Thank you for your time!

5 responses to “Blueberry’s Official Statement on the Meli Imako Terms of Service Issue

  1. i have been following this debate and been in it. it is her product and her design. she decide the tots as you are saying yourself. i don’t see a problem in her tots. matter of fact i have seeing lot of creators, not only mesh have tots like that. her texture is full perm, because if you are using her THen you need it in full perm to uploaded your computer. the finely texture need to be your Owen. i love your design BLUEBEARY. But it cost to much for me. and meli is a great creator…. But in the end i think the problem is that Lexi is pissd because she won’t help her. another thing is, it don’t look good if you run around an protest around her comtumers at there store. i have now hear sevel of examples of that and also at mrlus store. because of that i won’t buy any more templates from Lexi, and if i have some of it in my store, then i will remove it from my shops. i feel sorry that she have been dracing you into this

  2. I realize this post is several years old but must make a comment. First of all you can change your own TOS at anytime but that does NOT apply to items that were purchased BEFORE that change. Meli Imako has the worst business practices on second life and do NOT understand why they are not banned. They CONSANTLY violate Linden Labs tos on a daily basis and this is now 2017. They threaten and bully others when they leave low reviews yet do not provide any demos of their items. They say they will give your money back if you are unhappy but that is ont he condition that you CHANGE or delete your review. They recently tried to BUY their reviews by saying customers would recieve a% of cash back for a review but refused to give that same service for low reviews. Linden Labs terms are that ALL reveiws are to be treated the same. I guess they got a “talking” to and did change that policy as to giving refunds for all reviews but still harassing those who left low reviews. Their big refund policy only lasted about 2 weeks. Something I want to say about telling others what they can and can’t do with full perms items. In the U.S. there is a law called “first right to sell”. When you buy something full perm it’s the same as buying at whole sale. The sellers rights END at that sale and the buyer can basically do what they want. However, I personally would NEVER resell something at fp out of respect for the creator. Legally you CAN use full perm textures AND can sell items at whatever price you want. Meli Imako’s business practices are dishonest and have been for years. Afterall, her and her partners were prevoulsy BANNED from SL for ripping other creators of FP Smelly Imako came back under the currant name and with several alts. Her partner MW Boa has done the same. I laugh at Imako’s TOS because afterall THIEVES are ALWAYS afraid someone ELSE is going to rip them off. It’s about time that their busniess practices be exposed and the GOOD residents, customers, buyers, merchants demand that LL do something about it.

  3. For English to not be your native language, you speak it very well. And if anyone could be offended by a small linguistic mistake here and there, they’re the ones with the problem. 🙂

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