Protest Against Meli Imako’s Terms Of Service Agreement 2013


Meli Imako is a highly popular and considerably respected full permission seller within the game SecondLife. She has been providing SL residents and creators with wonderful full permission packs for years now. For the last few months I have received many messages from customers of both Meli Imako and myself asking for help understanding her terms of service agreement. I am always happy to help because these people are not only her customers but also mine and I like to help as much as I can no matter what the issue.

Recently the issue has been #6 of Meli Imako’s terms of service which states: “My items can not be sold with my textures under any condition. Minor tweaks to bend around this rule are not accepted (such as changing the color: it shouldn’t resemble the original). UV Maps, shadow maps and sculpt maps are also considered as my textures.”

This is an extremely misleading statement and upon what my customers have said to me, Meli Imako has been sure to make a point to ask people who have used her textures on the meshes they sell to be removed from their stores as it goes against her tos.

I wrote Meli Imako about this issue, this is not right AT ALL. She advertises her mesh clothing packs as having the full perm textures as a part of the pack. Therefore those whom purchase these packs should be able to use them however they want once purchased. IF Meli Imako does not want people using her “full perm” textures that are apart of her “full perm kits” then she should NOT include them and she should NOT advertise them as being a part of the “full perm” pack. By doing such she is not only false advertising her items but she is lieing to each and every customer who shops at her store. This is unacceptable and because I got no reply from her after bringing this issue up to her I have decided to go public with this in the hopes that she will change this misleading part of her terms and stop false advertising to her and MY customers.

Below I have posted images of her Terms of Service along with my opinions on them aswell as pictures and a video of our protest held tonight for an hour at her main store. Many showed up to support the fact that they feel that they have been lied and cheated by Meli Imako and DEMAND changes.







16 responses to “Protest Against Meli Imako’s Terms Of Service Agreement 2013

  1. Since LL have changed their ToS on 15th August it doesn’t really matter anymore, because in the end everything what will be uploaded – textures, 3D models, anims, scripts etc. belongs NOW LL.
    Open a LL ticket. This advice isn’t meant cynical but the right way now *chuckles

  2. In the beginning of my template design i also wanted to go the easy way and buy her full perm stuff since its not expensive. Due to her TOS its logical its not expensive cause you arent allowed to use ANY of her textures which include also the shadow map etc, well for beginners its VERY hard to even think of drawing a shadow map on your own. She advertises as full permission including textures and forbids to sell the textures at all. So basically you are allowed to sell the stuff AS IS and even that is not correct cause the color of the plain dress is white. Due to her tos you arent allowed to sell as white too then lol. Which is ridiculous. I had a huge fight with her about this all. On the other hand she allows to sell her stuff full perm as is…… i seriously dont get it, either her english is not good (as mine) or she didnt understand the whole full permission concept. I had her refund me cause i didnt want to break her impossible stupid rules by using the color red (since one of her textures was red) lol. RIDICULOUS. I hope she will change her TOS or put them off from MP cause like this its betraying. Thanks for listening, keep up your work Lexi

    • LOL oh gawd they are crazy (Meli Imako is two guys btw) this explains why they are so damn hard headed and just don’t seem to “get it” when it comes to selling full perm or anything really. lolol

  3. I usually hide under my rock, but after being upset by the guy behind the Meli brand I had to see if I was the only one being scammed by their B.S. I have been hired numerous times to secretly create animations and poses for the company and allow them to sell the items as full perm, even allowing them to have the BVH files and upload my animations. After my last contract, I explained for the amount of work being asked by me that I could no longer sell to them at about the same cost you’d buy just full perm created animations that you can not sell full perm once purchased. That upset him (yes, him) and he decided to stop using my services. I wished him luck. I was just screwed over today when a recent project they came to me for over animations for a beach chair went sour. See, he was given a detailed NC of what my fees would be after that last project, but when he came to me this time for animations he thought he could talk me down to 2k a piece for full animations and bvh files, with my name never to be mentioned. I told him to get bent lol He still came back to me trying to get them for 2k a piece saying he’d never pay 5k a piece in the past so I am absolutely crazy. I kept my animations and I think I’m going to give them out for free. On the one hand, a clever businessman is going to keep as much money in HIS pocket as possible and that makes him successful, however, I can’t sit around and let people think they are doing all of their work because they are genius’. They have animators, scriptors, and more all being put under the Meli brand to sell you a fantasy that really does work. Maybe that’s why they are so sensitive about their permissions… they know how easy it is to be taken advantage of because it could be how they are secretly successful.

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  5. I just wanted to say, thank you for standing against Meli. I closed my sl store because of Meli issues and I don’t come to SL to be harassed by multiple Meli avatars.

    I am glad someone is fighting the fight, I don’t have the energy to battle Meli(s)stupidity.

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  7. Meli Imako has made available, people who create textures for her clothes. These creators sell full perm textures for both commercial and personal use.
    But, be very very careful, because there is a creator of textures, using the texture of Meli Imako to realize their own, she edit Meli Imako texture and resells them. I purchased these textures and I leave a 1 star review saying it is against tos Meli resell edit texture. The day after my review has disappeared, not only, the package was removed and put back on sale, even against this TOS LL.
    This creator not refunded me, she wrote to me, that I am a troll, a other creator “Cat” and I discovered that I was banned from his shop and also by his group.
    Then I have made several inquiries about this creator, and I found that all its reviews are fake, false, because most of the reviews were written by people who have no shop, who have never bought any Meli Imako clothes, or that are even his/her Alts. This person cheating its customers every day, giving even texture through its Midnight daily. Texture that obviously are not for resale because it shows that have been made with the original texture of Meli Imako.
    When I asked for reimbursement, this person told me that I are another creator of textures … a cat, and also said that I am crazy. O.O
    I contacted this cat, and I found out that he was threatened several times by this creator, who has been vilified by this crazy person and was banned by a group “Midnight mania for creators” (Group for beggars apparently. This is because, a friend of Cat, very angry, has published private message of threats SW He sent to Cat..)
    In fact this “Cat” was forced to close his shop Full Perm because, S.W. buy its texture and steal the details, and continuously sent his alter in the store to spy and copy Cat work. I had the chance to see all the evidence, screenshots and private messages of threat, that SW He sent to the Cat. Now I understand many things, and now I know the truth!
    I thanked Cat for giving me these explanations and I greeted her.
    Do not allow this person (S.W.) to steal your Linden yet, because its texture is of poor quality and not for commercial use!
    The risk is to receive DMCA by Meli Imako!
    I hope I was helpful!

  8. ”[09:52] Meli Imako: (Saved Thu Jan 28 02:36:48 2016)Hi Lisle, back before you violated my terms and conditions and i refunded your lindens and you removed the items from marketplace. Now i see that you have listed some of those item and also bought new items and re-listed them. I will check one more time your store tomorrow, if i see anyone of my items , i will directly file dmca to Linden Labs for the removal of my items. without any further warning to you.

  9. I am currently being threatened with RL prosecution by Mboa for not changing textures ‘enough.’ There isn’t a specific way to determine this at all, so I am really concerned that one can have a dmca filed on anything even using their maps now. I went so far as to call the Linden Labs, who told me to call my local law enforcement for the rl prosecution threat.

    • Honestly, pretty much anyone can file a dmca with LL for pretty much anything because they don’t really have the legal standing to deny action on a dmca, from what I’ve seen anyway. BUT, if someone is filing a false dmca and then the situation does go to court they can get in trouble for doing so. I have never heard of these people ‘actually’ taking anyone to court. They can threaten it all day long. I wouldn’t worry about it really.

  10. Also the terms are very wrong with MI stuff, I looked to see if changing the creator name is permitted or not, the FAQ says it’s oke in the MI site, Read here –
    but then I got an inworld message saying ”No you aren’t allowed to change the creator name” from MI… with the texture and full perm issue and misleading stuff, I would never recommend using the stuff from them, there’s way better creators selling full perm that explains stuff properly ^^
    I don’t mind following rules, but only if theyre clear and don’t mislead me into wasting my time

  11. Yeah Meli Imako is a piece of work. I am going to use the stuff I purchased from her/him/them. I’ll adhere to the ToS and fair use. If that’s an issue, they can take me to court. I’ll be waiting. I guarantee their legal fees will be through the roof and when I win, they can pay mine. Their structural stuff is horrid I made the mistake of buying some. Two of the sky boxes are very nice. The other two I bought and the vehicle, while they look nice, they have so many physics problems it’s not even funny. When I tried to resolve the issue, he/she insulted and threatened me. I’ll never buy another thing from them. I’m so tempted to post the conversation to my blog so people can see just how nasty they get when there is an issue.

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