AngelRED – Marvelous Designer Build Models Beginner Package




Marvelous Designer is an amazing tool for mesh creation and once you have learned the program you will be able to create wonderful mesh clothing on 
the fly! Marvelous Designer is used by many big names in the gaming, film and fashion industries such as Bethesda, EA, Capcom, Blizzard, Sony, 
UBISOFT, Microsoft and many more!

Some people in SL have a tendency to look down on those who use Marvelous Designer for mesh creation for SecondLife. I am here to change that. I believe marvelous designer is a much more practical way of creating mesh clothing rather than building from scratch in a 3D program.

Marvelous Designer is faster, easier, and less of a headache. As a busy business owner fast and less of a headache is always appreciated!

I say, if it’s good enough for BIG names in the gaming industry, shouldn’t it be good enough for SecondLife too?

Many have asked for these models and here they are! These SL Building Models are FREE for the use of building mesh clothing for Second Life in Marvelous Designer.

You Will Receive: 
A notecard with a Download Link!

Your download Will Include 
4 OBJ Files 
1 Standard Size Small Female T-Pose 
1 Standard Size Small Female Low Arm Pose 
1 Standard Size Medium Male T-Pose 
1 Standard Size Medium Male Low Arm Pose 
1 Information & Tutorial Links Document

Hope this helps those who have been fighting to make the Standard Size models work in Marvelous Designer and those who are wanting to get started making mesh in Marvelous Designer. Good Luck! ❤

5 responses to “AngelRED – Marvelous Designer Build Models Beginner Package

  1. Hey Angel ^_^ I’ve been a fan of your work ever since I first stumbled on one of your videos, while looking for Marvelous Designer tutorials on YouTube. Well while doing my daily “Second Life” TOS searches on Google today 9/27/13, I saw your site come up, and thought I’d comment, that You and Caster are an amazing team. ^_^

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