AngelRED Couture Main Store Re-Opening Announcement

The AngelRED Couture main store will be re-opening today!! There are a few things I want to say to you guys though before I crack open the sim and let you all run in 😀
Thank you to everyone for your patients, understanding, and support through this very rough year. I can honestly say I would not have been able to get through chemo without all the help and support I have found though SL. As designers, many of us tend to take SL for granted. But, as always, when one of our own is in need of help we ALL step up to help them. I’ve been lucky enough to see this happen a few times in my time here as a designer. You guys did this for me aswell and there are not any set of words that I can even say to express how much I appreciate you all! I have one more chemo treatment on the 13th of January. After that I will be getting a pet scan and other tests done again to see if the chemo has done it’s job.
I apologize for taking this long to reopen the inworld store and my lack of new mesh releases. I came into SL as an artist. I did not come here to make money or become some big deal designer. When I found out I had cancer at the age of only 27, honestly, it broke me.. Pretty much every creative bone in my body just died. I refuse to make and release mesh that is not based on artist expression because it would be half assed and I’ve always tried to give my customers the best I can possibly give. 5 years ago, I put my nursing and psychology degrees aside and decided to make SL my RL job and still to this day I feel that was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not many true artist are able to make a flourishing living off of their artistic talents. I did, and I have ALL of you to thank for that.
Over the next few months I can not speculate how I will be as far as new releases go. I am currently working on several meshes at once and HOPE to get them out to you all as soon as I can! I love you all and once again thank you for everything ❤

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