AngelRED Couture Store Credit Winners!

During this past sale lots of store credit was tossed about and here are ALL the winners. Congrats to you all and thank you for all your love and support ❤

The 15,000L AngelRED Couture Store Credit Winners Are:

JayAlexis Resident
Sinfullysaucy Spiritor
JieJie Emerald

Final List of all Random Cedit Winners during the sale

Uryuu Kira – 500L Credit
Doktor Seuss – 350L Credit
MissMinnie04 Resident – 1200L Credit
Blau Nowles – 500L
AngelycaLuv Resident – 1200L
Highdemand Resident – 500L
Sinfullysaucy Spiritor – 3000L
Jeremiah Leitner – 350L
Caronwynn Chau – 500L
Roaraa Resident – 500L
Tabetha Fireguard – 750L
CuddlesKitty83 Resident – 350L
Kylla Dezno – 1200L
Tabetha Fireguard – 750L
MissMinnie04 Resident – 500L
Phoebe Ubert – 1200L
Danya Carver – 3000L
Exalt3d Resident – 350L
Highdemand Resident – 350L

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