Full Permission Creators & The Mesh Body Struggle

Well, it took almost 2 years but it seems that the owner of Maitreya has FINALLY realized that the full permission field is a VERY important part of the SL marketplace and is now allowing us full perm creators to apply for her body kits. πŸ™‚ Best news ever.

This means, no more crappy guessed weights from full perm creators. We will all be able to rig clothing to the bodies legitly with her body weights.

The only thing I will not be able to offer are the DAE files for the clothes we do for the maitreya body. She’s made it very clear that she does not want full perm creators to offer those files. So, the full version packs will have everything as it always has before EXCEPT the DAE files for the maitreya clothes.

Myself and Jessicaann Wriggelsworth are working on getting things back on track as far as AngelRED Couture goes. πŸ™‚ She is helping me with rigging and keeping me from going insane. HA. Now that we can legitly do rigs for Maitreya and other bodies things will be so much easier!!

I don’t think most people realize the damage that was caused to the secondlife market while Maitreya and Belleza and other bodies were on their No Full Perm kick… This hurt a lot of full perm designers, including myself. But, it also hurt a TON of designers who use full perm mesh because they could not offer their customers what they demanded anymore. Yes, some full perm creators came up with “guessed weighting” but alot of that was struggle, let’s be real. The weights on some of these bodies are pretty funky and without using the actual file from these people it was a challenge to get the weighting correct and alot of us said fuck it, me included. All this also had a big effect on the linden dollar itself. The value of the linden dollar has been going down for quite sometime and this mesh body / full perm struggle has ALOT to do with that.

I hope that with the mesh body creators now realizing that the full perm market IS important that we can finally get the full perm market back on track, get things back to the way they used to be now that we can all start giving you guys the meshes you need for your customers! ❀

Full Permission creators can read about these changes here and also apply for your dev kit. πŸ™‚

One response to “Full Permission Creators & The Mesh Body Struggle

  1. Hi would like to know if you sell to other opensim grids? I mean do you allow us to use on other grids? still under TOS of course.

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