Anyone who would like to make a direct donation (not lindens) to Gala Phoenix of Curio can do so here —->

She just updated her blog and we have raised over 10,000 dollars for her!!! We’re half way to the 20K goal!

AngelRED @ One Voice Fundraiser [For Gala Phoenix]

I have officially joined the One Voice Fundraiser for Gala Phoenix the owner of Curio! 100% of my sales at this event will go to Gala to help with her legal costs! This event will open to the public on July 9th! So come stop by and support Gala!! Tons of designers are set up here and they are giving 50% or 100% of their sales to Gala! So wonderful to see so many designers supporting one of SLs best known skin designer!! We ❤ u Gala!!!


Save Curio Skins!!

If you have not heard about the legal battle between Curio & Hush please go here —>

Truth district is holding a fundraiser for her! This battle she is fighting is setting precedence for all creators on SL. If you find this of importance please check out the link below and join this fundraiser! We won’t let a copybotter like Hush take over one of SL’s most beloved skin stores!!!

Fundraiser information :

Thank you
Lexi Zelin [Owner of AngelRED Couture]