A message of Gala Phoenix from CURIO!

This weekend, we reached $20,000.

The combined donations from the One Voice fundraiser in-world and the IndieGoGo campaign totaled $20,860 this afternoon.

I am so overwhelmed by the generosity of the Second Life community: the designers and content creators who donated to the amazing One Voice event; the bloggers who spread the word about this situation and promoted the fundraisers; each individual who took time to go to the event and buy items or donate at the IndieGoGo site, or even donate directly to me; the organizers and sim owner that made One Voice possible; and all the other people who have helped, supported me, and believed in me throughout the last month and a half.

$20,000 is a lot of money, but it is really the low end for a copyright lawsuit. The more I raise above that minimum, the better prepared I will be for the fight coming up. I will keep updating the total here so you’ll know what the final amount is.

Thank you all so very much. Together, we are so much stronger than I ever imagined.



— AngelRED’s Phoenix Full Perm Pack will CONTINUE to give 100% proceeds to Gala until Curio is BACK IN WORLD WERE IT BELONG!! 😀

AngelRED @ One Voice Fundraiser [For Gala Phoenix]

I have officially joined the One Voice Fundraiser for Gala Phoenix the owner of Curio! 100% of my sales at this event will go to Gala to help with her legal costs! This event will open to the public on July 9th! So come stop by and support Gala!! Tons of designers are set up here and they are giving 50% or 100% of their sales to Gala! So wonderful to see so many designers supporting one of SLs best known skin designer!! We ❤ u Gala!!!