AngelRED Couture can be found on the sim below, there are 2 sims FULL of AMAZING stores so have fun guys!!! visit angelredcouture.com for info on AngelRED Couture exclusives that can ONLY be found at WCF2! Also, IM me if you’d like a full alpha to wear to the event to help keep lag down guys!!! <33333


Can’t get to the sim? Give it some time. There is a max of 30 avatars on each sim at a time. 

Simplecandy @ The Swag Fest

Simplecandy @ The Swag Fest

Flair For Events™ presents:

The SWAG Fest (TSF)
An urban streetwear fashion fair
October 1st to 31st, 2012

Exclusive items that can ONLY be found @ this event!


Simplecandy @ The Swag Fest


Flair For Events™ presents:

The SWAG Fest (TSF)
An urban streetwear fashion fair
October 1st to 31st, 2012

Swag Fest Exclusive MESH Swag Joggers! 



25L Swag Fest Exclusive Gacha Prizes!


Check Events Page for landmarks and more info once the event begins on October 1st!

AngelRED Couture Presents: 2012 Designer Challenge


AngelRED Couture Presents
2012 Designer Challenge
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Designer Entries Accepted: July 20th – July 23 @ Midnight SLT
Designers Challenge: July 24th – July 28th
[Designer Challenge Packs will be sent out on July 23rd]
Judging: August 3rd – August 5th

Winners will be announced on August 6th
1st Place Winner will receive: 10,000L
2nd Place Winner will receive: 5,000L
3rd Place Winner will receive: 1,000L

As a happy 1st birthday to AngelRED Couture we are hosting a 2012 Designer Challenge and YOU are invited to enter!

Designers must fill out the application below to be entered and receive resources for designing.

Each designer will receive a pack of AngelRED Couture clothing templates. These template will only be the basic clothing template; no color options, no textures or pattern options. These templates will contain shading, highlighting and folds only.

The designer will get to choose from 3 templates sent to them; The basic tank top, The basic Shirt, & The basic Pant

The objective of this challenge is to see who can come up with the best piece of clothing from the basic template they choose! *BE CREATIVE*

Judging will take place at the AngelRED Couture main store’s sim. Each designer will have 3 days to come set up their item at their designated table. They will get to set their item for sale at the price they choose!

We will have drop boxes next to each designers item, voters will purchase 3 tokens for 0L and put the 3 tokens in the boxes of their favorite 3 designs!

The designer with the most tokens will win! There will be 3 winners [prizes are stated at the top of this notecard]


– Designers must fill out the application first before being entered into the challenge.

– Designers MUST be a member of the AngelRED Couture Group (Non members may enter this challenge but must join the group)

– Designers who receive the template pack MAY use the templates as they wish in their individual stores with NON full perm settings set.

– Designers must use one of the templates provided in their design. (Heavy modification IS allowed)

– Designers may only enter ONE design in the completion!

– Designers can not use any part of any other template in their design. Other than the basic template supplied, all other work must be of their own creativity!

– Designers can of course have their friends come vote for them but at no time are alts allowed!

– Any designer caught cheating, using other template work in their designs or any other practice not allowed in the challenge will be disqualified immediately!

Got questions?
Please IM Lexi Zelin
Owner of AngelRED Couture

AngelRED Couture @ The Pink Ribbon Fair

AngelRED will be taking part in the Pink Ribbon Fair!!

I’m working on a few exclusive items for the fair now!! 

For more information about this event please visit their blog!