AngelRED Couture 2012 Full Perm Xmas Gift!!!

I have sent out a FREE Full Perm Xmas gift for all AngelRED Couture group members!!! To pick up your gift please be sure you are apart of the AngelRED Couture group in world! Check the newest notices and you should find your gift in there! If not, please join the group and shoot me and im in world and i’ll send you your gift asap ❤ you all! Thank you for making 2012 a WONDERFUL flourishing year for AngelRED Couture! ❤ 


Filthy Skins CLOSING SALE!!!

Filthy Skins CLOSING SALE!!!

We all loved our Filthy Skins by Alexandra Barcelos
Unfortunately she is closing the doors of Filthy Skins soon!
Don’t miss out on the CLOSING SALE!!
The Filthy Group is now closed, but for those still in the group you can go pick up ALL the group gifts ever released!!
Plus, all skins are now only 299L!!!

HURRY! RUN! Before they are GONE FOREVER!

Filthy Skins, You Will Be Missed!