Second Life’s new Terms of Service

Yesterday SL had us all accept the terms of service again when we logged in. There were a few new changes in intellectual copyrights and also with linden exchange terms. As of right now we can no longer use 3rd party linden exchanges services such as Virvox and First Meta Exchange.  We are not sure exactly why this has happened, it may be because of current new bills trying to go through the US senate but it could also be because LL wants all the cuts for linden to real money transfers.

What does this mean for AngelRED Couture Customers?

This means that you will no longer be able to use the ATM’s outside our store and you can no longer use the credit/debit/paypal options on our full perm products. All products must be paid with Lindens. You can however purchase lindens through the LL exchange.

What does this mean for other merchants?

The change in terms will affect merchants the most. Those who transfer lindens out to real life money will ONLY be able to use the Linden Lab Lindex service. Those used to using services that are faster will feel the brunt of this the most in my opinion. Services are waiting for replies from the Lindens on this issue and have their deposit/withdraw services on hold for the time being. I do wish ALL merchants much luck and give you ALL a hug during this change as I know how much this will affect all of our real life incomes. ❤

You can find out more about the linden exchange changes at the links below

Much love and respect,

Lexi Zelin