Protest Against Meli Imako’s Terms Of Service Agreement 2013


Meli Imako is a highly popular and considerably respected full permission seller within the game SecondLife. She has been providing SL residents and creators with wonderful full permission packs for years now. For the last few months I have received many messages from customers of both Meli Imako and myself asking for help understanding her terms of service agreement. I am always happy to help because these people are not only her customers but also mine and I like to help as much as I can no matter what the issue.

Recently the issue has been #6 of Meli Imako’s terms of service which states: “My items can not be sold with my textures under any condition. Minor tweaks to bend around this rule are not accepted (such as changing the color: it shouldn’t resemble the original). UV Maps, shadow maps and sculpt maps are also considered as my textures.”

This is an extremely misleading statement and upon what my customers have said to me, Meli Imako has been sure to make a point to ask people who have used her textures on the meshes they sell to be removed from their stores as it goes against her tos.

I wrote Meli Imako about this issue, this is not right AT ALL. She advertises her mesh clothing packs as having the full perm textures as a part of the pack. Therefore those whom purchase these packs should be able to use them however they want once purchased. IF Meli Imako does not want people using her “full perm” textures that are apart of her “full perm kits” then she should NOT include them and she should NOT advertise them as being a part of the “full perm” pack. By doing such she is not only false advertising her items but she is lieing to each and every customer who shops at her store. This is unacceptable and because I got no reply from her after bringing this issue up to her I have decided to go public with this in the hopes that she will change this misleading part of her terms and stop false advertising to her and MY customers.

Below I have posted images of her Terms of Service along with my opinions on them aswell as pictures and a video of our protest held tonight for an hour at her main store. Many showed up to support the fact that they feel that they have been lied and cheated by Meli Imako and DEMAND changes.






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How To Easily Texture A Skirt Prim in SecondLife

Music By: METRIC

SecondLife Clothing By: Lexi Zelin (AngelRED Couture™)

I’ve had many ask me why I do not have skirt prim PSD files in many of my kits. Well, because you don’t need it! I made this video to show those who need a lil help with texturing their skirt prims how I create a perfect matching texture for my skirt prims. I hope this helps those who need it. 🙂

For those who say “Lexi your TOO FAST!!” Well here’s what you do. Use the TGA/PNG file for the bottom of the dress you are working on and bring it into your graphics program. (I’m using Paintshop Pro 8 in the video) Use the rectangle selection tool to select the part that is missing in world. do this for both your front and back. Then save those textures as tga/png’s and bring them into SL. then slap them on your prims! You may need to change the texture properties in world a bit to get your prim to match how you want.

Those using a pre-created PSD file, like what I sell in my full perm packs, make sure you hide all background layers, then merge VISIBLE (merging flatten will not leave the bottom of the skirt prim transparent which is what you want if you want it to match perfectly on the bottom) once you merge your layers you can then do what I wrote above.