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Linden Lab Valentine’s Day Gift…

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone! I’ve decided to share a few thoughts about Linden Lab and Second Life. If your bored sit on down, grab a cup of coffee and get your reading on! 😛 Please feel free to comment! Share your thoughts and ideas on this subject. 

So, as most of you know I’m not usually into “blogging” my thoughts or ideas. But, recently I have gotten back into listening to the Metareality podcasts and it’s really gotten me thinking alot about Linden Lab and their terrible thought process on what “success” is. -.-

Yesterday Linden Lab posted on their blog that they were going to give everyone who logged in before 7pm that day a special Valentine’s Day gift! Yes, most of us expected another Linden Bear >.<. But, the gift actually turned out to be lindens!! But, not what most of us would have maybe liked the Linden amount to be..


So, if you were checking your objects folder for a special gift and thought you did not receive anything, you did! You got 10 big wopping LINDENS! YAAAY -.-

Okay, so maybe I’m being a bit critical so let’s look at this from all sides. So, after asking the opinions of this gift to many SL residents I’ve found that for many of us who do make alot of Lindens in sl, this was pretty much a big slap in the face. BUT, for those who are new to SL, and for those who don’t have alot or ANY lindens this was a really great gesture! I know when I was new, I was excited to have 4L’s pop out of a camping chair!

Also, someone brought up the fact that 10L’s has nothing to do with Valentine’s day! But, actually it costs 10L’s exactly to partner someone in SL! 😀 So, if you think of it as LL giving everyone a chance for a FREE partnership, it’s actually kind of sweet!

Now, obviously this was a much better gift than an old bear that sits in your inventory for years! For me, it’s a free texture upload because I spend 1000’s of Lindens a week uploading textures for mesh and clothing templates! 😛 But, this really got me thinking about something I have been saying to myself for a long time and I now want to share this thought with all of you!

So, the lovely people at Metareality have been talking about the fact that there are so many more players who stay players in IMVU and other games like it. Why is that? Obviously you can do SOOO much more in SL than IMVU. I have played IMVU on and off over the years and here is what I have concluded. IMVU SUCKS, okay it just sucks hahaha. It’s boring after you buy all the clothing and accessories you want and decorate your house. Unless you plan on becoming a content creator there, there’s really not much more to the IMVU world than that in my opinion. So, what on earth keeps people there rather than in SL??

I think bonus credits, an easy to learn interface and plenty of instruction on what to do next is why. Think of when you first started SL. You were dropped into the noob area and taught a few basic things, like how to walk and fly and all that. Did you get taught how to rez a box? Did they show you how to shop? Or even really find places to shop? I started SL back in 2008, I was pregnant, wasn’t allowed to work and was bored with Deviantart and digital painting. When I started I remember the lame little room I got put in as a new avi. I remember having to swim somewhere in order to get to the next area (which, who here EVER swims in SL? I mean really… I don’t think I have dipped Lexi in the SL waters since maybe that first day!! hahaha) I then remember being sent to some island where I wondered around aimlessly for hours, trying to buy items from some shop but I had NO LINDENS 😦 Luckily, I found freebie island and had me a HAYDAY buying freebies! 😛

In my opinion, I think SL should offer bonus Lindens! IMVU has credits, and then they have bonus credits. These bonus credits can be used to purchase items in the game but are not able to be transferred out as RL money! I think that is a GREAT idea and I don’t know why LL has not done something similar to this!

Now, I see how it could get tricky.. All the stores in SL are run by us, the creators. The Lindens we receive from customers can be transferred out to paypal or another service as Real money. So, how could we manage that? If LL implemented a bonus linden capability how would we as store owners handle getting lindens that could not be used as RL currency? Well, there are several ways this could be done. For one, LL could change up the way we set items up for sale, giving store owners an option to make an item for sale for only bonus lindens. We could all have little shops that are JUST for bonus credits! Also, we all upload things in sl and that uses up our RL money! All our uploads could first be taken out of our bonus linden amount first, rather than our main linden balance. Does that make sense?

Or, those using bonus lindens could purchase items from stores like normal and we would get funds added to our bonus linden amount. Now, some may say NO NO NO!!! To this idea and I totally get it. Us that DO use SL as our real life source of income may object to such a theory in the thought that we would be losing RL income if this were implemented  But, I don’t really think so! Think of it this way.. A new user signs up for SL and is dropped into tutorial hell with 1000BL (bonus lindens) They are then able to purchase items up to that 1000L’s. This way they can spiff up their avatar, buy a home, decorate that home etc etc. They have a way to build their second life better and easier! Once that 1000BL is gone, they wouldn’t get any more bonus lindens unless LL did something like this valentine’s day gift, except they could give more than 10L’s this way without losing money!

Point is, it could very well be done! IMVU has always done things this way and they have way more daily users than Second Life has ever had! I just feel like LL really SHOULD change some things up and make a better effort to keep new players in SL and not have them running for the hills to games like IMVU, minecraft and WOW..

I left SL in 2008… I got bored with it.. I had no Lindens, I refused to pay for premium and I really just did not have a direction to point my sl life in! No one wanted to hire me because my avi was so noobish and there was nothing I could do about it because I had no way of getting enough lindens to really fix her up. So, I left sl for many many many months. I then installed sl once again.. This time I got a job at Studio777 based on my personality only really lol. I finally had a source of lindens! I then went to Club Leo and worked there for a year or more, then went to Platinum Club, became a manager there, got my naughty dance on and then finally started AngelRED Couture in late 2011! So, I found a road to go down and make my SL what it is today. I was able to make friends and relationships and really fulfill my sl. This would have all been easier had we had bonus lindens and a better tutorial island! I would have not spent a year learning what the point of Second Life is and I also would not have had such an awful avatar either! Also, let me add this, I did not find out about the marketplace (xstreet back then) until I got a job at Studio777! :O

Maybe tutorial island is better about all this now. Also, I know torley linden spends alot of time coming up with new tutorial videos lately which are FANTASTIC! I think new players should be directed to his youtube! There are many basic things there that every new player should know!

SL is not a game… It is a virtual world. It is what you make of it. But if you don’t know how to do the basic things in SL that make sl sooo amazing.. Then what’s the point? Right? Please Linden Lab, show these new players the AMAZING things that are Second Life! Make them EXCITED to start their adventure!!… Oh and advertise more! lol We need new players, we need to raise the SL population, not just let it sit and simmer like it has for years.

Well, that is my 2 cents. I hope it made a bit of sense… As I said, i’m really not much of a blogger lol. But, I thought this was something that should be shared and a thought that should be put into people’s minds as a step into a new direction, a direction that focuses on getting  and keeping new players and helping them start their amazing Second Life! ❤

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